Hope I survive…?🤔🤔

The new academic year started many of you got admitted in new colleges or entered into higher classes.The first thing comes to our mind is whether we can survive or not..? Else we will be in confused whether we will be passed out or not..?

If they are new to college then they frighten really because they feel alone and bored out as they may not make new friends soon because they may be an introvert like me..😅😅😅

Many of us think that “Can I fight and survive in this competitive world…?” But it’s not real there is only two things creativity and innovative some may more creative and some may less….So its better to be stop worried about the survival and start working on something that really makes sense & bit creative…

Some may over tensed about this and they start thinking about leaving out the college…If you’re so one of them just don’t think about the present issues just think about how you can overcome them…You may get seat in top college so it’s not a small thing there’s a lot of work & pain done by you behind it…So don’t think like childish and leave out the college…

Generally,We all face one major issue that is comparing yourself with others…”Sharmaji ki beta wo kiya thu to mobile pe chutiya log sey busy hooo 🤣🤣” is the famous dialogue we hear.Just do ignore all that shit and think of that god gave them some more brain which they waste it by studying..We’re only to do something creative,innovative and not wasting all time to be a topper in academics.

If you’re bored make new friends do play PUBG (they had not paid me for promoting ) 😅 which improves your aiming skills and help you out make quick & right decisions or improve your communication skills etc etc…

You may be think that I’m feeling like motivator or anything else…🤣🤣but I’m just sharing my life events faced by me…Finally…I’m too bored by typing this…It’s time for PUBG😁😁

 Hope you live not survive…

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